DML CBD was founded by Dennis Michael Lynch (DML) in 2019. The idea for starting the company was conceptualized during a life-changing visit to The Bahamas; DML had been suffering from chronic pain and illnesses when a gentleman introduced him to CBD. After using the products for a few months, DML’s pains went away and his overall health improved dramatically. He told everyone, “I feel great again.”

Following DML’s transformation, he wanted to help other people.  So, he decided to produce and distribute his own lineup of high-quality CBD products that could bring healing, both physically and mentally, to Americans of all ages.  Today, DML CBD Miracle Me products help with anxiety, pain relief, and skin issues. They also help boost the immune system and promote healthy sleep.

DML CBD Miracle Me is one of the leading brands in the US when it comes to distributing safe, lab-tested CBD products. Thousands of testimonials from all over the country have been received, and you can read a few of them below.  Please visit for more information, and watch our promotional video.